LAVA LABS is a highly experienced team of game developers operating across the EU & UK and consists of some of the most talented minds the games industry has to offer — we draw on years of combined experience at leading companies. We believe the future of entertainment will be driven by an increasing volume of traditional social activities occurring in virtual worlds. Our master plan is to create the ecosystem one step at a time with the community via token economics and fun gameplay. Across the EU & UK we are 20 full-time in total.

Kaya Tilev CEO

Kaya Tilev has over 12 years of experience in the industry with a degree in Mathematics, and a Masters from Stanford Business School.

Kaya Tilev is a multi-time founder, with prior leadership roles at Microsoft, and experience with founding and growing companies to larger than 100 million in valuation with backing from some of the most prominent backers in the industry.

Ed Morley CTO

Ed Morley has over 25 years of experience in the video games industry. He has worked across various categories of games development on PC & console, game engine & middleware development, F2P and social/metaverse games.

Previous to Lava Labs, Ed spent seven years building a highly successful social/metaverse game with over 250 million player accounts and helping grow a company to a valuation of £100 million.

Team Combined Title Experience

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