AFAR: PVP Game Overview

The AFAR: PvP Game takes place on The Torus, a massive spaceship designed to host competitions. Players will race to the finish line, platforming and shooting other players. Players compete through rounds, earning points to see who can get the most and be crowned the winner.

Social Hub

Matches take place on The Torus

How to WIN

Players compete through 4 rounds to complete a match.

After playing through all 4 rounds, players with the highest total Victory Points will win. Earning more victory points than adversaries will get players XP, increasing their season pass level, netting awesome rewards!

Completing all rounds will allow players to show off their style as they jet off to the exclusive post-game lounge at the Social Hub, where they can hang out with everyone who completed the match.


The Torus has the ability to host a variety of levels that have varying themes, difficulty and gameplay. As the game develops and evolves, LAVA LABS will develop the levels in which players participate aboard The Torus.

How to Participate

  • Go to and create your AFAR account and validate it.
  • Join our Discord, and participate with community engagement.
  • Watch out for invitation and whitelist or alpha pass.
  • Start to play.

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