AFAR: PvP Gameplay


Aboard The Torus, your heroes participate in matches racing to the finish line by shooting, avoiding traps, and navigating obstacles. The match continues through multiple rounds with increasing stakes.

Over time, as you compete in more matches and start making a name for yourself, your reputation level will increase, allowing you to unlock cosmetics and special items for your hero.

Game Top Layer

The Torus

In AFAR, players can play as one of six characters.

Each character is highly customizable to accurately represent each players personality and taste. Custom character skins and special items, such as weapon skins, as well as emotes and other moves allow players to express themselves freely in AFAR.

Game Top Layer

Characters of AFAR

Within the AFAR ecosystem, having fun and making fun games comes first.


A match has 4 rounds with increasing points available each round, giving players the chance to make a comeback even in the last round. After playing through all 4 rounds, players with the highest total Victory Points will win.

Social Hub

Pre and Post Game


A round lasts roughly 6 minutes and requires multiple players per round. Upon release, non-player characters (Lava LABS AI Bot System) will be present to fill the rounds to minimize wait times and educate newer players, setting them up for success as they climb through the ranks to compete with more experienced players.

Participating in all rounds of a match grants players exclusive access to the post-game lounge at the Social Hub.


The Torus has the ability to host a variety of levels that have varying themes, difficulty and gameplay. As the game develops and evolves, LAVA LABS will develop the levels in which players participate aboard The Torus.


PvP Progress Loop


Earning points and achievements will raise the players’ XP, allowing the player to progress in the Season Pass.

Further Information

Gameplay will follow fair, strictly non-pay-to-win core gameplay mechanics in the PvP Game, in which rewards only have cosmetic effects.

There will also be special events and tournaments throughout the year, allowing players to gain special rewards for participating.

How to Participate

  • Go to and create your AFAR account and validate it.
  • Join our Discord, and participate with community engagement.
  • Watch out for invitation and whitelist or alpha pass.
  • Start to play.

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