In AFAR, Eggs are a container for rewards and can be obtained via the Season Pass. An Egg may contain any number of items inside.

Eggs come in Large and Small varieties.

Large Eggs are always unique NFTs and can be traded.

Large Eggs' rairities will be determined by a mixture of base and cosmetic properties. Early GENESIS Eggs, will likely be sought after in the future if kept in their unopened state. As NFTs Large Eggs can be left unopened indefinitely.

A Large NFT Egg in Incubation


Large Eggs have limited Editions and a certain number of Eggs will be part of a 1/1 custom set.

How to open Eggs

If a player wants to access the rewards within an Egg, they need to open it.

Players can open their Small Eggs instantly.

To open a Large Egg, players will need to use an incubator. Players can wait for the Egg to open once incubated or use $TOKEN to speed up the process. A limited number of incubators per player can be active at once.

Opening a Large Egg will burn the NFT from the user's blockchain whilst minting the contents.

Egg Opening Process

Contents of Eggs

An Egg may contain a combination of any of the following items:

How to obtain

The primary way to obtain Eggs is via Mining Game.

Other ways to obtain Eggs are occasional limited edition drop events and purchasing Eggs via the Marketplace

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