$TOKEN will form the basis of our single token model for governance in the AFAR Metaverse. $TOKEN is a ERC-20 token with a total supply of 1,000,000,000. $TOKEN will also be supported by an in game only currency.

$TOKEN can be used in various ways, such as staking to vote on key governance decisions for the Social Hub and Treasury management. $TOKEN may be used for building, upgrading, opening Eggs and purchasing Season Passes.




  • Voting on improvements to the Social Hub
  • Vote on game feature prioritization
  • Voting on the AFAR ecosystem fund

As In-Game Currency

The $TOKEN is more than a governance token, it's essential to all activities within the ecosystem. The $TOKEN can be used for:

  • Governance of the AFAR Social Hub
  • Building and maintaining Buildings in the Social Hub
  • Buy & Sell cosmetic Items
  • Purchase the AFAR Season pass
  • Some upgrades and only be purchased with $TOKEN
  • Buying Unopened Eggs on the Marketplace
  • Paying for upgrades


  • Individual Staking for rewards and Exclusive drops.
  • Staking on Land with Guilds or DAO’s
  • Launching Guilds or DAO’s in AFAR - (requires Resource Land)

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