The AFAR Roadmap

Phase 1

  • AFAR LitePaper - Launch of the AFAR LitePaper

Phase 2:

  • TOKEN PRE-SALE - Launch of our $TOKEN and the fundamentals behind our token economics.

  • AFAR: Mining Game Alpha - The initial launch will focus on the Mining loop - Land, Mining Camps + equipment and progression.

  • Land Pre-Sale - The initial Land sale of Resource Land NFTs

Phase 3:

  • AFAR: Social Hub Alpha - Launch of the 3D Social Hub space

  • Staking Program Launch - Staking program and liquidity rewards launch and governance active with participants.

Phase 4:

  • AFAR: PvP Game Alpha - The initial launch of the PVP Game.

Phase 5:

  • AFAR: Spaceship Game Launch - The initial launch of the Spaceship Game.

AFAR Community Treasury Influenced Dates

The AFAR Community Treasury will decide the order of these folllowing updates

  • Egg Hatching - The Egg incubators will be open from this date onwards, allowing Large eggs to be opened.

  • Pets for AFAR: Mining Game - Update to the mining game with the addition of Pets.

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