The AFAR Roadmap

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Times

  • Launch of the AFAR LitePaper - This is where we outline the first elements of the AFAR metaverse and how they interact.

  • AFAR: RAFA GENESIS NFT Collection - The first-ever limited-edition NFT skin collection for the hero RAFA. Exclusively available on Magic Eden.

Chapter 2: A Planet in Danger

  • Launch of the AFAR: Mining Game Alpha - The Alpha version will focus on the main Mining Game loop: choosing Land, building a Mining Camp and upgrading equipment.

  • TOKEN Pre-Sale - Here, we launch our $TOKEN and kickstart the fundamentals behind our token economics.

  • Land Pre-Sale - Ahead of the Mining Game Beta, we’re selling the first NFT Resource Land plots.

Chapter 3: AFARians Unite

  • Launch of the AFAR: Mining Game Beta - In the Beta version, NFT Resource Landowners will be able to mine their plots or open them up for others to mine on.

  • Launch of the Staking Program - Next to launching our staking program, we’re kickstarting liquidity rewards and activating our governance framework, together with the player community.

  • Launch of the AFAR: Social Hub Alpha - The Alpha version of the 3D Social Hub space will focus on connectivity features and ways for players to interact.

Chapter 4: Let the Games Begin

  • Launch of the AFAR: Main Game Alpha - The Main Game Alpha version will focus on the core gameplay mechanics: running, jumping, shooting and racing opponents to the finish line.

Chapter 5: Off to Space

  • Launch of the AFAR: Spaceship Game Alpha - The Alpha version will focus on the main Spaceship Game loop: resource transportation between different destinations.

AFAR Community Treasury Influenced Dates

The AFAR Community Treasury will decide the order of these folllowing updates

  • Egg Hatching - The Egg incubators will be open from this date onwards, allowing Large eggs to be opened.

  • Pets for AFAR: Mining Game - Update to the mining game with the addition of Pets.

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