Mining Camp


A Mining Camp needs Land to function and mine resources. A player's first decision is to choose a good location for their Mining Camp. A Mining Camp is placed on Land of the players choosing. Players can then add buildings, choosing how to layout their mining operation.

Players will also need to upgrade their Camp HQ to unlock upgrades. Resources can be reinvested back into the Mining Camp to upgrade buildings to increase their stats.

Players will also need to build up their defensive structures to repel attacks on the Mining Camp and protect their resources from being stolen. Attacks will happen every so often, and the attackers will leave ruins of buildings and empty coffers behind if the player's turrets and walls aren't upgraded. After an attack, players will need to repair any damage to continue mining.

Player actions and achievements in the Mining Camp will net XP to help players level up on the Season Pass.


A Mining Camp

Mining Camp Buildings

  • Camp HQ - Controls the level of the camp - Upgrading will unlock further progression in other buildings and camp expansions.

  • Crystal Mining Equipment - Buildings where Crystal Resource is mined and needs collecting.

  • Silos - There are 2 types of Silos. One stores Crystal resources, the other stores Refined Ore and has a capacity that can be upgraded.

  • Ore Mining Equipment - Buildings where Ore resources are gained.

  • Trade Dock - This is where players can take their resources to the Marketplace to sell.

  • Cosmetics -Make your buildings look fancy and cool.


  • Walls - Will protect a player's base and is the first line of defense against attackers.

  • Turrets - These buildings fight back against attackers, deterring them from raiding any further into a player's camp.

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