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The AFAR Universe


Our mission with A Far Away Realm (AFAR) is to simplify blockchain games through fun in-game features for players by creating games that appeal to traditional video game players and blockchain gamers alike.


AFAR: PvP Game

The AFAR: PvP Game is a "level-based platform-shooter" where players race, shoot & platform over rounds collecting points as they race to the finish line. When the rounds are over, the player with the highest total points wins.

AFAR: Mining Game

The AFAR:Mining Game is a Build-to-Earn blockchain-based mining game where players use mine mechanics and upgrade systems to gain resources and NFT rewards.

AFAR: Spaceship Game

The AFAR: Spaceship Game is a trading-based game where players transport resources and travel across the universe, building their space-merchant empire.

AFAR: Social Hub

The AFAR: Social Hub serves as the connection between the games in the AFAR universe.


The elements of the AFAR Universe


As LAVA LABS, we believe that great games should preserve their essence by remaining skill-based and fun. Our vision is to create a WEB 3.0 platform that maintains these principles across multiple games. Our goal is to embrace the fundamental core values of player-centric ownership and pioneer this new space as developers, together with our talented community. We aim to create a sustainable long-term ecosystem by blending the fundamentals of WEB 3.0 with traditional gaming.


The rollout of the features in this document will take place in different stages detailed in the Roadmap section. The development will be staged from simple mechanics to more complex ones.

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