Ecosystem Overview

Game Top Layer

The Planet

The AFAR ecosystem has multiple games that can be played independently of each other. The games will be released sequentially as the ecosystem develops further within the AFAR universe.

The Planet is in the center of the Universe, where the Mining Game takes place and the Social Hub is located. There are two types of Land that exist on The Planet are AFAR Land and Resource Land. The Mining Game is played on both types of Land. The Land is limited in supply and may be owned by groups or individuals in the near future.

The Torus is a massive spaceship where the AFAR PvP Game takes place. The Torus has the ability to host varying levels. The Torus uses the Social Hub teleport pads for its pre-game and post-game lounge.

The Marketplace is where trading and space-commerce takes place.

The Spaceship Game is a trading-based game where players use spaceships to transport resources and Eggs to become the best space-merchant.

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