Land NFTs will be revealed in the upcoming Land Pre-Sale. Each Land NFT is unique with distinct properties. Land NFTs will be revealed one-by-one during the Pre-Sale with the blurring removed thus revealing to the owner its visual properties.


Concealed Resource Land

Resource Land

The Planet contains a finite amount of Land NFTs, that players use to participate in the AFAR: Mining Game. Gameplay is split between two primary activities: Land ownership and Mining Camp operation.

There are two types of land ownership: Resource Land, a tradable ERC-721 NFT owned by players, and AFAR Land owned by LAVA LABS. Resource Landowners decide which Mining Camp operators can mine their Land, benefiting from a share of the economic value extracted by the miners. Resource Landowners should promote their Land to Mining Camp operators to gain economic benefits from the mining activity.


Resource Land has certain properties that govern its visual look and economic utility in the Mining Game. Resource Lands’ economic properties influence available resources, and Mining Camp yields.

Base Properties

Base properties include elements such as coordinate positions. These are common across all Land. The lower these values are, the closer the Land is to the Social Hub.

Cosmetics Properties

Cosmetic properties of Land determine what a plot of Land looks like. Some properties may be rarer and sought after than others. While some combinations of properties may also be important and sought after due to rarity.

Economic Properties

Economic properties may be identified over time by players with Mining Camps on the Resource Land.


AFAR Land behaves and functions like Resource Land but is operated by LAVA LABS. Allowing players to build Mining Camps and mine resources.



AFAR Land is operated by LAVA LABS, granting players the freedom of choice, and access if there is too much demand. Initially, some mining activity will take place on AFAR Land.

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