The Social Hub is the heart of The Planet's ecosystem. It's the gateway to access The Planet and the link between games in the AFAR Metaverse. The Social Hub hosts all social activities and spaces where players can spend time socialising and expressing themselves with their cosmetics. The Social Hub is located centrally on The Planet, open to players with AFAR Accounts.

Social Hub

The Social Hub

Social Activities

The Social Hub is where players interact with one another, making new friends, chatting, trading or gifting in-game items or just showing off their cosmetics. If in need for a bit more privacy, players can retreat to their private space. A players private space can be decorated and used as a place to hangout with friends.

Rafa on the Dancefloor

Game Lounges

The Social Hub plays an important role in facilitating the AFAR: PvP Game. Players gather in the pre-game and post-game Lounge before and after each match. Players share their favorite moments of the race, earn rewards, and take to the podium with dances and expressions.

Social Hub

Pre and Post Game


Naturally, the Social Hub is the space where most social activities and events will take place. Players can meet special guests, influencers or musicians, attend virtual concerts or new Season Pass parties. Being active on the Social Hub is rewarded through participation badges for attending special events. Additionally, players receive a reward for logging in every day.

It is the AFAR version of a high-quality metaverse with plans to facilitate 3rd party sponsorships and activities.

How to Participate

  • Go to and create your AFAR account and validate it.
  • Join our Discord, and participate with community engagement.
  • Watch out for invitation and whitelist or alpha pass.
  • Start to play.

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