AFAR: ​Mining Game Overview

The Mining Game is a base defense game where players can construct buildings to harvest resources from The Planet. The resources are used to build defenses to protect Mining Camps from attacks.

All mining operations run on The Planet, where players build Mining Camps on either Resource Land or AFAR Land. By mining resources players will gain XP, allowing them to earn cosmetics and other rewards from the Season Pass.

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The Mining Game

Resources are required to upgrade and optimize Mining Camps. Better players can increase the rate at which they can mine resources and earn XP. Players will also need to pay for building defenses for their camp to stave off any attacks and continue mining.

Through experimentation, better players may discover superior combinations of Mining Camp upgrades and management to maximize Land yield over time.

How to Participate

  • Go to and create your AFAR account and validate it.
  • Join our Discord, and participate with community engagement.
  • Watch out for invitation and whitelist or alpha pass.
  • Start to play.

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