AFAR: ​Mining Gameplay


A Mining Camp needs Land to function and mine resources. The player travels to The Planet, selecting Land where they wish to place their Mining Camp. A player's first decision is to choose a good location for their Mining Camp. To begin mining, players can place their mining buildings on their camps and start playing.

Resources can be harvested from the ground by the relevant buildings. These resources, once collected, accumulate in the appropriate Silo. Silos are a type of building used to store resources on your mining camp. Once full, Silos require upgrades, or new silos may be built.

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Mining Gameplay

A player's Mining Camp may be relocated for a small fee if the player wishes to prospect on different Land. While players have a choice to relocate their Mining Camp on either AFAR Land or Resource Land, different types of properties that influence attacks and resource levels will be at play.

To defend against attacks, players will need to build and upgrade defenses. If an attack overwhelms the camp, a player will need to repair any damages to continue mining.

The Mining Game is made up of Seasons - each new Season will last a series of weeks.


Players will need to upgrade and optimize their Mining Camp to increase the rate at which they can earn XP.

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Ways to earn XP

  • Resource collection
  • Building complete + upgrade
  • Level up Camp Hall
  • Successful defenses of a camp
  • Selling resources at the Marketplace

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Silo Progression

The Mining Game is the primary acquisition loop for Eggs. Eggs are the primary delivery mechanism of Cosmetic NFTs to the players.

Eggs can be acquired in multiple ways: one of the ways is from the mining Season Pass. The player will level up to gain rewards by gaining XP through actions and achievements in the Mining Game. As gameplay progresses, other ways to obtain Eggs will be revealed.

How to Participate

  • Go to and create your AFAR account and validate it.
  • Join our Discord, and participate with community engagement.
  • Watch out for invitation and whitelist or alpha pass.
  • Start to play.

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